Source: Manuchi

Implementation of a microservice-based certification platform


Sebastian Copeia, Manuel Wickertb, and Albert Z├╝ndorfa

a Kassel University, Kassel, Germany

b Frauenhofer IEE, Kassel, Germany


The digitalization of the energy sector is a transformation process to support the decarbonization of the energy system. One of the big challenges for the digitalization in the energy system is the connectivity to edge devices (e.g. e-mobility, heat pumps, PV, etc) for different vendors. Therefore interoperability between different edge devices, back-end systems, and local energy management components is important. In the Horizon 2020 project interconnect interoperability between such smart devices in the energy sector will be examined. Therefore standardized communication protocols will be used and edge devices will be certified to prove compatibility with the standard. Here we will present a microservice-based certification platform to enable certification in agile software development processes.

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