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Call for Papers and Paper Submission

Contributions and evaluation

The third edition of AMP aims to continue the success of its previous editions at XP 2020 and XP 2021 in collecting original work on the science and engineering of Microservices Programming using Agile principles and practices and/or with the goal of supporting Agility. The topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Using microservices to enable an evolutive and agile architecture.
  • Software engineering methods and tools for microservices.
  • Patterns for microservices design and development.
  • Operations practises for microservices and DevOps support.
  • Impact of microservices’ usage on agile teams and processes.
  • Programming languages and techniques for microservices.
  • Combining microservices with other architectural styles.
  • Achieving software qualities, e.g., security, maintainability, and deployability.
  • Metrics and software analytics in microservices architectures.
  • Verification of microservice architectures.
  • Test-driven approaches and testing in microservices development.
  • Refactoring in the context of microservices architectures.
  • Empirical studies on microservices.
  • Experience reports on microservice adoption and teaching.

Submissions based on empirical studies conducted in industry-academia collaboration are particularly encouraged.

AMP 2022 seeks original contributions of the following types:

  • Full Papers: research papers, industry case studies (from 6 to 8 pages, including references)
  • Extended Abstracts: tool presentations, position papers (2 pages, including references)

Submissions must be in English.

Peer groups with expertise in the workshop focus area will review submissions. The Program Committee will select full papers and extended abstracts for presentation at the workshop. Revised and selected contributions will be included in a separate volume of the XP 2022 conference proceedings published by Springer LNBIP. An author must present the paper/abstract.

AMP 2022 follows a single-blind review process. The authors may publish technical reports and preprints of contributions under review or accepted at AMP. Substantial overlap with works submitted or accepted at other venues is ground for rejection for full papers.

Important Dates

How to submit

Contributions should be formatted in Springer LNBIP format and submitted through EasyChair (link below) to the track Research WS - Agility with Microservices Programming as a PDF file interpretable by common PDF tools and printable in black and white on A4 paper.